Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pictures from 2014

Looking back on 2014!

Oh my sweet Ella!! My, my has the year just flown by. Mommy just can't believe that you will be turning five in just a few short months. These past five years with you have just gone so fast! You are such a happy little girl. Everyone you meet just falls in love with you and I sure can't blame them! You are just so sweet! You started Pre-school this year. After two months your father and I decided to homeschool you. You really love it and you are happy to spend your whole day with me. You are a great student and always eager to start school and learn. You can sing your ABC's so good and are a champ at writing your name! I am so proud to be your mother! As 2014 ends, I look forward to your fifth year and all that lies ahead of us! 

With love, 

Your Mother

Interview with Ella Elizabeth!

Favorite Ice Cream? Chocolate

Favorite Movie? Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent 

Favorite School Subject? Science

Favorite Color? Pink and Purple

Favorite Food? Chicken, Salad and Ranch

Favorite toy? Ponies, Horses and Toy Guitars