Thursday, May 26, 2016

Introducing Sybil Eveleen Claire!

My precious Sybbie. You are so loved, so wanted and so prayed for! Daddy and I hoped for you for a long time. We prayed for 5 years for you. We begged God, pleaded for him to make us parent again. We didn't understand his plan then but we sure do now. It was a long, often frustrating journey but boy are we ever thankful and grateful for the Lord's faithfulness. We are so thankful and blessed beyond measure for you and your sisters lives! You both have been entrusted to us. We get to teach you, guide you and lead you to do Christs work and will for your lives. It's a journey we are so ready and excited for! So welcome to the world little girl. You've got big things in store for you. 

The Sassy Lassy x2!!

It has been quite some time since I've posted last! I'd like to get back into blogging weekly. If you took notice to the title of this blog, hint the, "x2" that is because we recently welcomed a second daughter into the world! Sybil Eveleen Claire was born April 7, 2016 just 6 days before big sister Ellas' 6th birthday!!! So, The Sassy Lassy will morph into my personal blog for both our girls. 

I can't believe little miss Ella Elizabeth is 6 years old now. Where does the time go? Ella, you have been the best big sister to Sybil! You have taken on the role of big sister far easier than daddy and I could have ever imagined. Sybil loves you so much already. You did after all get her first smiles! At 6 years old you are now 3ft 8 inches tall weighing in at 42lbs. The doctors say you are a little shorty! You are so sassy, so spunky and so incredibly loving, giving and compassionate. You would literally give your last dollar, favorite toy or last bite of food to anyone just to see them smile. You are just so kind and your father and I couldn't be more proud of you. You are currently almost through with Kindergarten. Just one week left! I'm excited to start our home school journey this fall. Here we come 1st grade!! As always, I love you as big as the whole sky! All them stars too! 

      Your Mama

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pictures from 2014

Looking back on 2014!

Oh my sweet Ella!! My, my has the year just flown by. Mommy just can't believe that you will be turning five in just a few short months. These past five years with you have just gone so fast! You are such a happy little girl. Everyone you meet just falls in love with you and I sure can't blame them! You are just so sweet! You started Pre-school this year. After two months your father and I decided to homeschool you. You really love it and you are happy to spend your whole day with me. You are a great student and always eager to start school and learn. You can sing your ABC's so good and are a champ at writing your name! I am so proud to be your mother! As 2014 ends, I look forward to your fifth year and all that lies ahead of us! 

With love, 

Your Mother

Interview with Ella Elizabeth!

Favorite Ice Cream? Chocolate

Favorite Movie? Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent 

Favorite School Subject? Science

Favorite Color? Pink and Purple

Favorite Food? Chicken, Salad and Ranch

Favorite toy? Ponies, Horses and Toy Guitars