Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nothing in the world to do but spend my day with you!

Wow, where do I begin! Today we had a blast! Me and you actually got to sleep in this morning! Life with your sassy little three year old self doesn't always allow that. I enjoy days like today with you my sweet Ella. Time to just lay around snuggling and giggling with you, it is one of my favorite things about about having you as my daughter. Aside from most of today being pretty lazy, we did manage to get some dusting and laundry done. You love to help me put the clothes in the washer and dryer. Although it may slow me down, I don't mind because I know when your all grown up, I am going to cherish those memories with you! But, that is all for now, you are insisting that it is time for your bath right now, so I guess that is what we shall go do. Man do I ever love you little girl.

-Love Mama